Replication Extremely Slower Than Usual


Perhaps it is some non-play sound remote event? I only saw one logged issue for this place and it was for sound spam with a 80 second ping. I’ve set the logging permyriad to 10000 (100.00%) so hopefully this will show better stats.


I think it got fixed in the recent update.


Possibly. The way this feature is configured has changed. It might be that it was only fixed for a few hours when it wasn’t configured.


Just to clarify, what do you mean by “non-play sound remote event”?

I think my issue has nothing to do with the remote events now…


for example, calling stop/pause on many Sounds or the same one rapidly. Currently, if you call Stop five times on a sound the client controls, it creates 15 remote events. This seems incorrect as there shouldn’t be a need to perform any action when calling Stop on an already stopped sound.


Yeah, I just fixed it a few hours back. I had to narrow down my code.

Turns out this was exactly my problem.

Are there other similar issues to this that I should watch out for?