[Request] How to make a player able to see other players through objects?


Video link

To be more precise of what I’m asking for, how did this guy made it so that your player can see people through walls. I tried this with the BoxHandleAdornment instance but it doesn’t let you change the material or mesh of it. As you see in the video it shows the player being able to see a person complete body through objects(walls, bricks, etc) and I wish to know what he did and how he scripted it(I don’t need to know how he scripted it just what he used or method he utilize to make that happen).

the video once again: https://streamable.com/5lpai



I posted it twice because I thought it would work like how gyzao works(show a gif of what I want to show without you clicking the link)

Can you refer me to any sub place of Devforums that is somewhat related to what I’m trying to do? Also, I think you misunderstand what I’m asking. I’m not asking for a free script I’m asking what did this person used to make that effect occur. And if you can, show a sample of code to give me an idea of how it works(already stated that you don’t have to give a sample code if you don’t want to). I have also notice some posts like my here before so I thought I would post it here.






Thank you!



The use of “[Request]” in your title makes it look like you’re asking for code without doing any work.



Ah, I see how you have gotten cufused by my wording. I meant it like I’m requesting someone to figure this problem out for me. Thanks for telling me, now I’ll note this new infomation when I go to ask for another question or help!