Require rewriter v1.4 - Protect your game from backdoors

Where u byte encode or something thats is spamming spawners with LinkedSource Scripts in the toolbox?

This seems to be fine, however I see some problems:

  • The script completely overwrites getfenv and debug (why do you have to overwrite the debug library anyways?), there are rare cases where people actually need to use getfenv or debug, this can just break their scripts.
  • You are checking wether the require were changed by doing a while true do loop, this can probably have a perfomance impact if your game has a lot of scripts, you should look into fenv sandboxing for a better replacement
  • You are checking a instance using type(inst) == “userdata”, consider using typeof(inst) == “Instance” as it is more accurate

Other than that, you should make a plugin so users can auto deploy with a button instead of telling them to paste a code in the command bar

edit: no i do not need to use this, i can identify backdoors easily by myself, i am just giving my opinions about the script itself

Yes I do know these problems but I wanted it to be open-source soo if it’s not like you said there is a problem there you could just change it yourself by editing it that’s why I never made it a plugin in the first place