ResetButtonCallback not working

Hello, i’m trying to disable the reset button, but however when i try to do that and i play the game, i get this error thrown:

 SetCore: ResetButtonCallback has not been registered by the CoreScripts

Why won’t this work? I have even tried going to the roblox docs to see if i wrote a typo, but i didn’t.
Help will be appreciated.

Here is my code:

game:GetService("StarterGui"):SetCore("ResetButtonCallback", false)

Are you using a Server-Script? If so remove it and use a Local script inside StarterCharacterScripts with that code.

I’m using a localscript in StarterPlayerScripts

Put it in StarterCharacterScripts and it should work.

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Searching for the error message on the forum comes up with this result:

go for my first topic, I have a similar issue at 2022 and I got a solution

it has no relation to the character, it works fine at StarterPlayerScripts with a pcall(), and It’s best to put it in StarterGui

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Why would you put it in StarterCharacterScripts if it has no relation to the character? That’s just a bad practice, it would work fine in StarterPlayerScripts with a single pcall.


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