ResizeAlign v1.3 - Rounded Join + Dragger Mode

Thanks, I’ll take a look later today.


  • Fixed the above issue. ResizeAlign now respects the “Join Surfaces” toggle as though you had resized the parts using the Scale tool: WeldConstraints will be updated correctly, Welds will be broken, and welds will be reformed in the new position if the Join Surfaces toggle is enabled.

  • Introduce a new “Dragger Mode”: While holding Ctrl you can now select and drag parts as though you had the Select tool selected. This lets you both position and resize parts using ResizeAlign without having to switch tools.

I’ve been having this issue for a while and I’m not sure how to fix it. This has been happening since before v1.3 too. Am I missing some obscure studio setting somewhere or is this something else?

What issue exactly? It somehow going to a negative screen position and that not being fixable?

That should be an easy fix, I should never let it go offscreen, I’ll take a look this weekend. Until then you can uninstall and reinstall it and that should clear the settings (like, uninstall, not just disable).

Uninstall/reinstall worked, I guess I had to just hard restart the plugin after the 1.3 update. Thank you very much, your plugins are a huge help!

This is probably one of the best quality of life plugins out there. Thank you a lot for making this.

It would be great if you added a multi object object mode to Extend up to and Èxtend in to.
How it would work is that you could select multiple objects (preferrably via the current studio selection)

This would be a very great quality of life feature.

Updated to support the recent Improvements to Part Shape & Size change.

Updated with first release from Github as source of truth.

  • Now copies MaterialVariant for parts generated with rounded join mode.