[RESOLVED] Scripter, Modeler and Builder

About the Job

Hi, I’m Aprevis.
I’m a game designer, and I’m currently looking for a decently skilled scripter, modeler and builder for an upcoming historical American Revolutionary War themed PVP game. You don’t by any means need to know much about the time period this game is set in, but it would be useful if you do.
The game will be round based and there will be two teams - the British Army and the Continental Army.
Each of these teams will have 6 regiments the player can choose from in the loadout menu as well as a multitude of weapons.
I will of course provide more details via discord if you’re interested.

Requirements for Each Job

For the job of the game’s scripter, you’ll need to be able to create good looking UIs and game systems.
You’ll also need to be able to script custom weaponry from the time period, which will be quite different from more modern/conventional weaponry.

For the job of modeler you’ll need to be able to create good, realistic hat meshes from the time period the game is set in as well as various other accessories such as a rounds pouch.

The builder will need to be skilled in map design and able to create a good quality, large, realistic combat map (there will only be one map for the game on it’s initial release) with custom builds.


Completely negociable - I can either pay a lump sum or per hour/day/week/month. I won’t do percentages.

Contact Me

If you are interested, please contact me via discord.
My account is: Aprevis#0501

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Interested! I am a builder open for commissions big or small. Here is my portfolio. Please read the entire thing if you are interested in my services! (Open) Baitem-Building portfolio


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