Restricted Categories?

So I’ve been on the DevForum for a while now, but I have a question that I haven’t seen answered on any posts yet, linking me to one would be helpful.

Anyways, I’ll cut to the point. Are there certain topics and categories on the DevForum that only some people are allowed to post on? I’ve been trying to post something on Platform Feedback: Engine Bugs, but when I try to click “New Topic” it’s sort of grayed out, and my cursor will have a little circle with a line through it.

Anything is helpful, thank you.

That is intended. DevRel disabled TL1’s posting permissions to create topics in #platform-feedback temporarily. Community Post Approval has been removed, and a replacement is going to make its way soon. Once DevRel implements that replacement tl1 will be able to get the privilege of creating topics there again.


Ok, that makes more sense. Can you link me to the announcement covering this, if there is one? I’d just like to read it through.

Thank you!

Sure, the announcement is right here: FYI on Post Approval review times and phasing out

Thanks, this really helps! I was wondering why.