Return Table from website using HTTP Request

Hi! I have been looking into having my script send an HTTPRequest to my website which would then return a table. I know the best scripters/programmers are here on DevForum so I decided to come here after discord attempts. Would you have any ideas or examples on how I could accomplish this?

Thank you! - Chris

I believe you have to deal with JSONEncode and JSONDecode through HttpService, which allows you to transform a JSON table to an ordinary table. Encoding turns it into a really long string(?) and decoding reverses it.

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When working with HttpService to fetch responses from web servers, you are going to be using a GET request in any medium, whether it’s GetAsync or RequestAsync with the GET method passed to it.

local returnedData = HttpService:GetAsync("yourURL")

Once you have that in, you’re done from Roblox’s side. GetAsync is a callback, so now you need to focus on the web server returning a response to a GET request. I personally don’t know how to do this so that’s up to you to figure out or for someone else to reply with.

@Operatik JSON Encode and Decode are only for responses returned in JSON.


For the roblox side, definitely look at what @colbert2677 has said. If your website is sending json, definitely use JSONDecode which will parse the JSON string (in roblox, json requests might be turn to strings) which will return a Lua table.

HttpService:JSONDecode("{'foo':'bar'}") -> {["foo"]="bar"}

As for setting up your own web server, if you need help doing that there’s a ton of great tutorials out there for various languages. Personally I use express.js and return JSON to the get request. The express.js website has a fully in-depth tutorial for returning JSON from requests.

Then you need to find a host, which you could use a variety of different hosts like heroku or even glitch.

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