Rig Visualization in 3D Importer

Thanks for reporting! Could you DM me the mesh that causes the issue so we can investigate?


Sure! Also, here is a video showcasing the issue in it’s entirety. It took over a minute for an 8mb FBX file to load in the importer.


I keep experiencing issues related to importing Animations with the Rig. I love how it can automatically import all the animations if there’s multiple in an fbx, but when I actually try to use them, they don’t work correctly. Some look off in the viewport, but most of them look correct in the 3D Importer and then when I try to play them in the Animation Editor they aren’t correct.

Yet if I open up the Animation Editor it will import the active Animation fine and there’s no way to import the rest of them.

*Edit - itsFrank17 looked into it and the issue is in the Animation Editor and the way it imports the animations, not the 3d importer. The animations should work fine in-game as long as they look fine in the viewport. He also forwarded that bug to the animation editor team.


Could you load the different animations in the rig?


Hey, would you mind DM-ing me the file so we can look into this?


Not entirely sure what you mean. I can set different active animations, export with the newly active animation and import them individually in the Animation Editor, but I bought a decent online pack and am trying to import 30 objects with 20 animations a piece, so that would probably take me a full week of work at the pace my import trials have gone.

For now just postponing until lack of animations are the biggest fault of the game.


Is there any way to combine or add the 3D Importer preview window with the Asset Manager when importing .OBJ and .fbx files?


This is great, but I hope that importing gets improved. Sometimes, with big rigs containing many animations, one animation fails to upload, while the others do get uploaded. However, the mesh itself isn’t uploaded, so we have to redo the entire process and import it again, hoping it works this time. This leads to the same content being uploaded to Roblox twice, because even if something fails, the other things still get uploaded.

Also, another thing we need is the ability to export as .fbx; this would be very helpful.