Riganoid Anticheat [POC]

So I was bored and I tried to make a quick implementation of Server Authoritative Movement without a custom character controller. It’s just a proof of concept however and is very buggy. I do not recommend you use this in production games. Also equipping tools crashes Roblox.



edit 2: here’s a place for people too lazy to set up the model
RiganoidDemo.rbxl (63.0 KB)


should’ve put a “Goodluck” at the end of the message


Cloning your character and regaining local control is not server authorative movement. It doesn’t even work, it errors right off the bat. I set it up as it was intended to, and it assumed the remote event existed in Replicated Storage even when it didn’t. WaitForChild fixes this.


I’m sure Chickynoid does a better job on this

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Absolutely. To everybody else here, I recommend you check it out:

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Did you even set it up? Also, the client clone is a fake. It’s not what you see on the server, it’s just there to hide input lag (just like how chickynoid has a player model on the client but only a box on the server). Also, isn’t it obvious this is a proof of concept? Obviously a full complete project would do better than a proof of concept to prove if something is possible.

edit: there’s an error on line 59 but at least it doesn’t break it

edit 2: i dare you to try to get any movement cheat to work once you set it up properly

I don’t understand why someone would post a resource that they wouldn’t recommend using… That bugs and crashes Roblox.

What’s the point of this?

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Is it not obvious enough that it’s a proof of concept? That you might not need a custpm character controller for server movement.

Is this perhaps inspired by Chickynoid? I wonder how long this took! I haven’t really read the whole post but yeah!!

EDIT: Ah it’s a proof of concept. I like to do that too sometimes to show something off before it actually “gets good”


No, I read the code in its entirety.

There is not any proof of concept. A proof of concept has the functionality you intend.

Have you tested this yourself?

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Okay… So still, not a community resource.

Then Chickynoid is not server authoritative movement either. You have a character on the client, so it’s not server authoritative. This is your logic.

No it’s not bro, what are you on about. Have you seen the works behind Chickynoid?

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Hell nah, not my son! :pray: This is a disgrace to humanity!

actually the dude is right, server authoritative systems do need a client character and a server character, the client character is only seen by the client and its there to instantly respond to inputs, while the server character is the “real” character used, and recieves the inputs from the client.

Server authorative movement is when the server validates the client’s input. There is no validation from the server, it’s just a copy of the character.

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Thats literally what I said lmao???

Receiving inputs is not the same as validating them. The OP has no real validation.

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ok :+1:

character limit momment

If you ignore the client character, it’s pretty much just the client sending inputs to the server, which then runs those inputs. It then sends its own position to the client so they stay in sync.