Rigging Models On Moon Animator

I made a topic a while ago asking about rigging models so I can animate on non rigs. And someone replied with a tutorial that shows how to rig (It was over 20000KB)

The one thing is, the person in the tutorial used Moon Animation Suite. As far as I know, it was upgraded to Moon Animator.

There are obviously changes between the two. In Moon Animation Suite, we have to use “Wield Edit”.
There are two tabs, I cannot completely remember which ones were which, but one was called “Welder”.

In Moon Animator, the “Easy Wield” tab shows three. “Cleaner”, “Part”, and “Model”.

I am mostly just asking for an up to date tutorial, but I think people literally explaining it right in front of me and answering any questions may be a lot better. Is anyone able to help me on this?

Thank you very much. :smile:


I personally use RigEdit to rig my models. You could probably use that to rig it up, and then animate it in Moon if you want.

Here is also a good tutorial I just searched up: