Right to Erasure

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I got a right to Erasure request and this was a bit weird, so I deleted the whole game and all the scripts and just made it a plain baseplate and then the message deleted itself, I am unsure what this means if I did what they asked or if there is still a problem. If someone could help that would be great.


The right to erasure request means you need to erase someone’s data in order to comply with the laws, not stupidly delete your whole game.


When you get such request, it means that a former player of your game has manually deleted their account and therefore requested to “be forgotten”. This means all player data of that account must be deleted in order to comply with irl privacy laws. The player data includes for example XP, Points or Items they might have collected inside a game, so the game owner has to delete their data.

In the message you received you should have also received an UserID. This is the ID of the deleted account. You can delete someone’s data from your datastore using the :RemoveAsync function, or by using this plugin.


Note that if OP didn’t saved the user’s data under their UserId or the deleted account’s name (assuming it wasn’t changed), then there is no way for them to wipe the user’s data since they probably won’t know the key.

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Here’s a good (free) alternative to the plugin you mentioned: