Right to Erasures for a deleted game?

I have been getting right to erasure requests for my group game, which is actually just a clothing store, so really the only “scripting” I had in it was a leaderboard that I deleted after the first erasure request, but that didn’t seem to work because my game with over half a million visits got deleted from Roblox sadly, but still to this day (over a year later) I get messages on my account telling me I need to erase user data for a game that has nothing in it. Does anyone else have this problem or could possibly offer a solution? — also, I know little to nothing about data stores, will I need to learn about them to prevent this from happening for future creations?

A Right-To-Erasure request from ROBLOX is likely someone exercising their Right to be Forgotten or Erased online, which is the erasure of a Digital Footprint.

ROBLOX hands these out to every game with the ID or person stored inside. To fix this issue from happening in the future follow this tutorial:

If the game is already deleted then you probably don’t need to worry as ROBLOX will figure it out & remove it themselves. Otherwise I suggest you contact support via


It would be very helpful if roblox allowed us to automate that, I’ve just realized the bigger the game is, the more erasure requests its gonna get, so they should just give us the option to run a piece of code from their API that deletes the user’s data.

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You likely don’t need to do anything. If the game is deleted and you’re sure the data can’t be retrieved, then Roblox is likely just sending the message because it’s been monitored that they had visited your game/their data had been stored in your game at some point in time, not that it currently is.

If you’re not sure, make sure you get an admin response or read an official explanation from Roblox Support.

Also @Aspecky here’s a forum response from staff on that topic. (not sure how updated it is though)

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