Rise of the Isolated (Pre Beta) | Feedback & Suggestions

Hey there! :slightly_smiling_face:

I recently released a beta version of my game called “Rise of the Isolated”. It’s an open world pre-apocalyptical survival game. I’m still working on it and could really use some feedback and suggestions to make the game better for more people to enjoy. It’ll also be nice if you can help me find some bugs so that I can fix them before the full release of the game.

Game Link: Rise of the Isolated {Pre-Beta} - Roblox (Private Servers are free if you want to play it solo!)

In-Game Screenshots

For those who played the game please help rate the performance of the game!

How was the performance of the game?
  • Efficient
  • Good
  • Okay
  • Slow
  • Terrible

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Did you like the map?
  • It’s great!
  • It’s good.
  • It’s fine.
  • It could be better.
  • It needs a redesign. (Bad)

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If you have any suggestions please reply! And also thank you for viewing my topic! :grin:


I think the game could be good, but it needs some improvements.

First off, I think the city needs some structure. Right now, it looks like some buildings on top of some asphalt. You could do this by adding some kind of road. I do like the style and the consistency of the buildings though.

Second, I think the cooldown of at least the flameful ability seems a little long, but that is just my opinion.

Third, I don’t know what you are supposed to do. I read that you were planning to add a tutorial in the future so that will be fixed.

Fourth, once you choose your elemental trait, you stick with it. I think this needs to change. I remember if there were descriptions when you had to choose an elemental trait, but if there isn’t, you should add it. The reason why you should be able to change your elemtal trait, is so that players won’t be frustrated when they decide that they didn’t not want the trait they initially chose. Maybe you could make it so you can only change your elemental trait while you are playing the tutorial once you add it or add a sort of playground where you can try out all the elemental traits.

That’s about it, the rest of the game looks cool and the concept is kinda cool. Good luck with your game


Thanks for the feedback! :sweat_smile:

1.) I could make roads and street lights but I worry that it will affect performance.

2.) The reason why I made the cooldown so long was because of how much damage it does. (I’ll try making the cooldown shorter by around 10-15 seconds just to keep the balance of it right.)

3.) Yes, I’m working on a tutorial zone but it’s not finished yet. (It’s currently the next thing I’m working on alongside other big things I have stored for the future.)

4.) This is something that I strongly agree with looking at it now, I’ll take this into consideration and make some sort of reset trait button.


To add on for the 4th one, I originally had descriptions but they took up a large portion of the ui so I had to remove them “temporarily”.

Wow, I love the design and idea behind a game like this! I just have… a couple of complaints. To start, it definitely is not tailored to a screen like mine. The stats screen is GIANT for me, and covers nearly 25% of the screen. That’s not a major issue since most people use a generic 1080p screen. Secondly, the menus, oh do they sound wonderful! It’s just their response time is just delayed enough that it just feels long, and respawning, that’s just another big issue, the sound is so loud and the respawn time just feels too slow for me. I didn’t fully play through the game, but igniting the “barrel of tnt” was very weird, there was no indicator that it was about to go off, and i got near it and it blew me up.

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I appreciate the feedback! :grin:

I’ll look into the whole stats ui scale and hopefully that won’t be an issue in the future. As for the explosive barrel there should be a fuse however I think I made that too quiet.

1.) I don’t think you have to worry too much about performance yet. I was playing the game at a pretty bad laptop, and even at highest graphics settings, it still rand fine. your map is not too big and some roads and lights won’t effect performance that much, as long as you don’t add too many. Just look at games with big maps, they also have a lot of lights and road and parts. If you really worry about performance though, you should look into streaming enabled. Game Content Streaming. Here are other optimization links: Improving Game Performance: Benchmarking, Microprofiler, Developer Stats, and Developer Console, Improving Game Performance

2.) maybe than you could add an ability that doesn’t do as much damage with a shorter cooldown, otherwise fightin will be really slow I imagine.

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