Roadmap for 2020

We need an updated roadmap for 2020, as they were available for 2018 and 2019.

It’s been almost 2 months since New year!

It’s also very sad that

  • Ephemeral DataStores

  • Universe Script & Game Services

got deferred again. (It’s a fancy word for “delayed”)

however I am grateful and appreciative of the new features that are now Live; job well done!


Yes, me and a few people always looked at roadmaps and always get hyped when our favorite one were about to go live, so I’m all in for a road map 2020!

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This seems fairly unlikely


The previous roadmaps weren’t released till very late in the year. 2018’s was realised in JUNE! Halfway through the year

And 2019’s was released in April, so still pretty late


I honestly don’t mind having more vague descriptions on each major feature plan or the insecurity behind it. We all know the road map should be taken lightly as not every feature ends up added in or added in time. It still gives a good idea about what roblox has in plans or working on, which I believe is the whole purpose behind a road map.

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Annoying that Universal Scripts got delayed – was looking forward to matchmaking features. Same with the DataStores, like Ninjo said, they don’t release the roadmaps until mid-year / early mid-year (if that makes sense).


The universal script is something I look forward to the most, as there are many applications that would make use of it well. Hopefully, we will be able to know just a little on how development on important features like this is going.

Sometimes it is hard for companys to predict the whole year out when we are only in the begining of the 3rd month. Plus as others have mentioned, we have never seen a roadmap this early. Another issue with roadmaps is that when features get delayed users might be upset so it might be better to just not make a roadmap.

The thread linked in this reply sums it up pretty nicely. The 2020 roadmap is a bit out of scope for the Developer Hub as it’s something determined by a different department. As such I’m going to close this thread; if I hear tell of the 2020 roadmap though I will jump on the opportunity to get it on the hub.

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In case you missed it: the 2020 roadmap is up!