Robase - A Luau wrapper for Firebase Real-time Database

Hi is this better than the famous Profile Service?

No! This is merely a wrapper around a REST API, you would use this to make a http/firebase oriented profile service alternative, however.

This module just provides a simple and familiar API that interacts with your Firebase Realtime Database, designed to be alike to DataStoreService.

I do have plans to make something like this though, in the future.

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For some reason, when going to Database secrets, there is no button to generate a new key, so i’m still stuck on the installation process. My firebase database has already been setup and everything.

Actually it seems that when i use Realtime Database that a button for the key appears. I’m not necessarily looking for something realtime, as i’m only storing specific data about players, not everything about them such as cash or experience. Is there a way to use the standard cloud database instead of the real-time?

thank u very much i got really tired of the roblox datastore and it is hurting my head

one question, Can you extract the keys by this module?