Roblox, but realistic

How does this look for realistic? To be honest the only thing that is realistic is the tree and the lighting, but what do you developers think?


I think this actually looks VERY realistic. Very good job!

I actually don’t think the lighting looks very realistic (it’s too saturated and blown out) but the assets and terrain look the part


The only thing that I added to the lighting is the Sun Rays Effect.

I think the lighting is very realistic, when I look at it, I see a sunset or sunrise

I’m just saying I’ve never seen a sunset/sunrise that was that orange unless the sun was right on the horizon.

But maybe that’s just me

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Not going to lie to you here, but the tree and the sunrays are the only realistic thing I see, try adding some water, it would be wonderful if it had a body of water, as for the terrain try to use different colors

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Look, as someone who likes realism, it bothers me when people add sunrays and boom, realism. That is not the case. This is realistic.

Here are some tips:

  1. Way too much sun. Turn down the sunlight, it’s too much.

  2. Color the terrain. It’s too basic and simple.

  3. Add Atmosphere property. It’s essential to realism, this is too flat.

  4. Get a better skybox. I recommend Atmos by @Elttob.

  5. Work with ColorCorrection. Again, it’s too flat.

Sorry for being harsh, but this is my honest opinion.


When looking at your portfolio that you decided to list I would really only say the sun is pretty realistic, the rest still looks too Roblox-like. Something like the image below I would consider ultra realistic.

Well looking at your examples, the grass on your terrain is quite spread apart. When looking at some grass it’s not really spread apart that much.

I would be fine with your comment if it weren’t for your portfolio being linked, that’s pretty bigheaded. It is basically an advertisement. Other than that, I agree with most of this.

Before I can really contemplate whether or not it is realistic, I would first of all add a background to create a more realistic surrounding. Which adds to the picture. I would also implement more Lighting effects that ROBLOX provides such as the Atmosphere object.

Looks really realistic except for the sky.

Don’t know if it is just angled strange, normally the sun doesn’t emit that much orange light, I recommend changing the color of the environment to more of a white glow.

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I feel like this requires some work. Inserting a sun rays effect into the Lighting is not really considered “realistic”. I feel like you could mess around with the sun rays and other effects such as depth of field in the Camera property under workspace and such to give it a more realistic feel. The skybox is too generic, and ruins this completely. It’s fine if you want it to be a simple terrain test, but some things could do some fixing. Look at some showcase games and see how they do their lighting, and of course the other commenters on this thread. Have a great day otherwise!

-Void_Xiety :white_heart:

It is very realistic for most people, good job!