Roblox Client Refuses to Launch When Opening From a Browser

I’ve found the solution! For anyone who can’t start roblox from his browser, but can from roblox app needs to do this to fix it:

Firstly, get into roblox file folder, you can do that by right clicking Roblox Player on your desktop and choosing “Open File Location” option.

(if you can’t find Roblox Player, you can find roblox file directory manually by searching it in C:\Program Files (x86)\Roblox\Versions. You should find version folder that has RobloxPlayerLauncher.exe inside of it)

After you’ve found the folder, you should just start RobloxPlayerLauncher.exe, it should load for a bit and then you’ll be able to start roblox from your browser.


Yup, this works. Thank you very much, I was about to go insane over that atrocious app.

Albeit temporary, it is a fix!