Roblox crashes on startup

Mine too. Thousands of other people too.
And instead of Roblox fixing it, they blame us and tell us to fix it by doing crazy things to work around their bugs they either won’t fix or don’t know how.

“Turn off all unnecessary Windows processes” lmao. If you’re going to make a program for Windows, make it compatible with Windows


The problem appears to be that people are using programs that aren’t “signed” (aka don’t have the “Verified publisher” thing you see when giving them administrator permissions) and attempt to modify Roblox’s memory. This is caught by the new anti-cheat, but realistically there is no way to “fix it” other than disabling the anti-cheat completely or manually adding programs to a special whitelist.

The thread that Bitdancer made is to try and figure out what programs have these issues, and to either file a bug report for those programs so that they stop trying to get full access of Roblox’s memory, or for them to be identified and put on the whitelist.

It is not very nice to say that someone or a group of people are inexperienced in what they do.

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I don’t even have anything installed on my laptop that didn’t come with Windows


If you follow “Strategy 4” in the thread I linked and send them the crash dump, they should be able to identify what software is causing the crash.

On 2 seperate computers, with 2 different operating systems, 1 with nothing installed?

This is happening to me too. I am only able to run the UWP which doesn’t seem to support my wheel or vr headset and I am currently test or play games outside of studio.

I did note however, that Roblox tends to load into the 32 bit client even though I have a 64 bit OS.

I will try out these steps but it seems that many users are facing this issue. I don’t understand how this wasn’t tested internally or brought up in the beta phase of the new anticheat client.

That is a good idea. I will install Roblox and windows on a completely fresh hard drive and see what happens.

I don’t get what you are trying to say. Sending them the crash dumps will help them tell you what is causing it to crash. If it’s not software, great, they could still figure out a workaround and tell you how you could fix it, if it is, great, they could whitelist that software or get the developers of the software to fix the problem. They could even possibly tune the anti-cheat in some way so that less harmless software is counted as an exploit.

If you are finding it so difficult to determine the problem on your end, why don’t you send the logs and the crash dumps to them so that they can use their expertise to figure it out and fix the issue?

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because some people don’t want to have to modify their computers or run CMD commands with administrator permissions, or as a matter of fact, CANT modify it because their account doesn’t have the permissions.

if roblox is having so many issues running normally on a computer without modification, they should fix their systems before releasing a faulty anti-cheat that makes the game unplayable for so many people.

no offense to you but roblox should’ve looked over hyperion and byfron before releasing it and breaking a bunch of stuff.

i would personally rather HAVE exploiters in my game than not be able to play them at all, roblox games have already had anti-cheats, we don’t need fun-ruiners disguised as anti-cheats. people have still found ways around them, so i doubt it’s really as effective as advertised. so many other large companies which own games have even STRICTER anti-cheats yet they still don’t have issues like this???


Not only is it a faulty Anti-Cheat, it also causes performance issues for low end computers like mine.
So much for Performance “Boost”…


When they notice their profits dip from the thousands of players that could be buying robux rn, maybe then they will learn


I’ve been having the same issue.

Honestly, I have seen this issue occuring for so many people, and even my friends who do not have this error are saying their performance is worse.

I’ve been unable to test an update for a game correctly and as a result there are errors

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Hey @BubbleNinjaisnoob

Can you confirm the issue is fixed now?

Also, for the rest of developers that are encountering Roblox crashes, please file a separate bug report, so we can look into!

For those that sent them via @Bug-Support, I will be reviewing them shortly! :slight_smile:

I literally sent a crash dump to one of the staff and got ghosted, what should I do?

I sent my bug report in Perform Usage

Please send a bug report to us @Bug-Support and we will help you!

Make sure to follow the format, you have an example how it should look like and what it should contain from the OP above!

Thank you!

For your information!

We took down the post where you sent your log files, because they shouldn’t be posted publicly as they may contain sensitive information!

I have the same problem, it doesn’t happen so often but it does happen.

When this problem happens to me I enter from the Chrome browser and it is solved.

Yes, I’ve managed to fix the issue by following the steps on this reply: [Resolved] ROBLOX instantly crashes on launch! - #6 by x_maks441


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