Roblox Enhanced Avatar Scaling Options



Personally, it’s a step back. Are we truly deprecating the current Roblox character? Can we at least have a toggle to load the normal character meshes?


Yeah, I do not like how the joints look at all.


I feel like with the new joints, the older characters look odd. It seems like Roblox is preparing for anthro, likely to be announced at this year’s RDC, but I feel like anthro is moving away from the actual feel of the Roblox character. The appeal is that these characters are almost like toys rather than human beings. By going towards anthro, it feels like they’re trying to give it more of a social mmo rather than a gaming mmo. It’s up to Roblox in what they do, but we’ll see.


I just find it so annoying how some YouTubers are spreading false rumours about this being Anthro, thus making part of the community think that it indeed is Anthro.


No one needs to worry about it. This feature is what those character prototypes evolved into, and we aren’t doing any drastic changes to the character design.


Last I checked, Sorcus specifically clarified during RDC 2017 that anthro was the scaling options, and that the “default anthro” packages, the ones people were reacting to within the community, weren’t anthro. Just packages made for it. Not really something evolved into, moreso just “the real feature got buried under people focusing on a specific detail”, no?


Pretty much. I’m probably not authorized to say anything on the status of those character designs and personally I’m not sure what their status is at the moment.


I can see why the separation occurred. At the very least it has helped push the feature through past all this, and let users enjoy the benefits of the changes!