Roblox phasing out 32 bit support?

Anyone know if Roblox is phasing out 32 bit support for all devices, and switching to 64 bit? I know they removed older apple 32 bit support this year, but will the trend continue soon? Roblox I believe is a 32 bit system right now.

Unity and other higher quality game engines rely on 64bit to allow more resolution (for part shift especially). This is an issue on large maps, such as train routes.



The client is 32-bit but Studio is 64-bit

Also, yes I believe so, but how does that impact how you build your levels? This is building support after all.

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It directly impacts the maximum length we can design the game. We specialize in train games so long maps are critical for our design.

Unless you are using like, custom 10K polygon meshes everywhere, you really won’t hit the 4GB memory limit. Look at games like The Wild West or other train games, they don’t crash as far as I can tell. The Wild West specifically seems to only use about 1.9GB on the client.

Are you actually running into these limits?


Its part shift I am concerned about, not memory. My games run about <1gb client and about 2gb on server. We cover a distance well over 100k studs and the decimal accuracy is what is limiting us to go beyond. Can’t go beyond 8 digits accuracy, so 100,000.00 means only 100th of a stud accuracy in every frame calculation, which is very noticeable on camera.

Roblox is slowly fading away from 32 bit as it’s now a thing of the past. Most devices these days have AT LEAST 4 gigs of ram and are usually 64 bit.


You might be aware of the amount of trouble this is currently causing… It doesn’t run on Virtual Machines anymore, it crashes constantly, and Roblox apparently doesn’t care about it…

Actually, I think the VM block exists as a result of the WINE block;

It could be that the method they use for detecting WINE incompatibility also detects VM incompatibility, or that they believe the usage of VMs to run the new client on an unsupported platform will almost always lead to a crash.

Because they are blocking WINE because they know it will only fill their crash logs and currently go through every single one to reduce the number of issues before the new client fully releases, I think that when it does release, they will probably remove the blocks.