Roblox site: Everything is down

This issue started occurring just a minute ago and it’s affecting every roblox player already, making them mad and annoyed. If you go into a game all you have to do is try to chat, or just join the game and it’ll already show the message many people are saying “I’m really going to leave roblox if this continues to happen”. The roblox discord is currently being mass spammed due to this issue as well.

A few screenshots from the replies:



If you go into the replies on this post, you can see all of the other issues going on with roblox at the moment.


Everything is down:image


Seems like the site is also down. The server I was joining has me stuck on this screen:


I’m recieving website issues like 400 errors and slow loading.

image (This happens when you click on most games)

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EDIT - Roblox is now not showing if my friends are ingame, online, or offline.

edit 2 - This seems like its a widespread outage
Credits: DownDetector
Last edit - Updated downdetector image - Roblox seems to be loading a bit faster now, website still slow and unable to join games.
Last edit II - Roblox game joining is possible chat is normalish again. Avatars looknormal again.


I am experiencing this too. I can’t publish my games either.


Site-wide errors today. This is the third incident in a row, that’s horrific.

No games are displayed as the site is semi-down. Do we have any details why Roblox is having so many hiccups lately?


This is heavily annoying that this happens multiple times every weekend at this point! I am unable to get work done and lost work yesterday in team create due to this. In addition, developers are losing money and players from this too.

A solution to this needs to be found as soon as possible because it is entirely unacceptable for a platform this large to be constantly going down at peak times.

(cc @Hooksmith)


I cannot visit the normal as it gives this error, also users cannot enter studio and are getting disconnected.

Only JUST started happening seconds ago.

Image of error when going to site:


Hi all, our engineers are aware of this issue and are investigating. I will let you know when we confirm the issue is resolved.

Apologies for the inconvenience in the mean-time! :slightly_frowning_face: We understand these issues are frustrating and our teams are constantly iterating on our architecture to improve performance. Thank you for your patience!

PS: please make sure to limit any responses that are not related to the issue or duplicate information from previous responses!


This is the third time in a row. It’s horrific that a platform with this many resources experiences these issues so often.

Will we ever be told why this is happening?


Some stuff I’ve found about the outage:

  1. Some requests are responding with status code 503: Service Unavailable, including a content length header, and not sending any data, thus everything times out at the maximum length it can.
  2. Some APIs are responding with status code 200: Ok (this means the request was “successful” however this is clearly not the case) and then for some reason aborting before any content is sent at all, thus causing a timeout at the maximum length it can.
  3. Occasionally responses are returned normally.
  4. Most normally included headers are completely omitted from failing results, and successful results are not omitting them
  5. Servers which have responded successfully according to header roblox-machine-id:
  • CHI1-WEB4699
  • CHI1-WEB1570
  • CHI1-WEB404
  • Some others
  1. Servers which have failed according to their roblox-machine-id header (if it was sent):
  • CHI1-WEB5117
  • CHI1-WEB2963

It also looks like a lot of the issues are happening less as I type this message.


Considering the frequency and severity of these outages, it would be nice if we could get an #updates:incident-reports. It’s very alarming to potentially have no revenue or access to Roblox for hours.


The site seems to be recovering a bit but not in some areas. This issue has hit be very hard over the week. Yesterday my game dipped 3,000 players during the incident, and today 10,000 players. My game heavily relies on the teleport service.


Releasing full-detail incident reports does take some time on our side so we’ll have to measure any impact this had on developer productivity and determine if it’s appropriate to devote more time to this issue or if everything is all good after this is resolved. These issues typically occur because our platform is forever-growing and needs configuration over time as a result.

I understand that is not a very satisfying answer, but I think the most important takeaway is that we have dedicated teams that are constantly improving our architecture to ensure that these issues have limited impact going forward as our platform continues to grow.


We have recovered from this issue. Thank you for your patience.


Are servers from when the issue was happening going to stay affected? I was playing a game that had major server lag (the server I was in was started during the outage).


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