Roblox studio mod manager not restoring old icons

so we all know roblox studio’s icons changed.

i’ve been fine with it since i’m using Roblox Studio Mod Manager which was reverting these back to normal, now it suddenly just doesn’t revert that. anyone knows what i can do to revert icons back to normal? i really don’t like the new ones.

I don’t think this is the right place to discuss about studio mods, however you can disable new icons in Beta Features.

i know but 1) im too confused to where to get this convo cuz im still the non trusted member or whatever and 2) other ppl put topics like these in scrioting support too so idk
anyways abt the icons, where can you turn off the new icons cuz i havent seen the toggle

nevermind i found it, sorry everyone for the mess or inconvience or whatever

Hey, don’t want to make a new topic but I’ve come across this post and now the beta toggle is no longer present. Is there still any way to restore the icons?

There might be a program that can restore them, just don’t download a virus.

Studio now supports custom icons. Here’s a pack with the old icons.

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