Roblox Studio "Unable to open place" error

Attempting to edit the game whether it be by the website, or the application it throws you out instantly

This happens in Roblox Studio, team create place:


Just simply try to edit the game at all, it just kicks you out and throws this error.

I did do some research before posting and found this , although by that it looks as to if we need a roblox staff member to assist with this.

I’ve tried to download the place using the method posted in there although it doesn’t work and when try to open it just freezes, same with the other dev trying to work on it. I have tried to; restart my computer, update roblox, re-install roblox, update my computer and still nothing.

My Computer Specs: (although this happens on every other devs pc who tries to edit)
AMD Ryzen 5 2600
1660 Super
16gb ram

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Could you send me your Studio logs? (Getting log files)