Roblox Terrain - Rotating a specific degree


I’m currently making a map and want to be able to duplicate it multiple times, this is with roblox terrain and a low poly mix. Is there currently a way to rotate roblox terrain a specific degree instead of 90 degree increments? same for a larger select range.

Any help would be appreciative.

Many Thanks,

Terrain is voxel based (4x4x4 stud cubes) so you can’t rotate it to anything but 90 degrees.
Rotating Parts or Models can be any number because those Parts have specific sizes so a rotation is easily rendered.

Perfect timing on this question! I’ll be updating this reply with the link to the announcement that will be going out tomorrow, but you can already enable the “Terrain Editor Improvements” beta feature which was released today. Hope this helps!

Edit: The announcement is now live.


This is amazing news. Roblox terrain has been needing an update like this for awhile. This will definitely be a useful feature. Thank you for the update.

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