Roblox to Trello Guide

I’ve tried using your solution but didn’t solve the issue I’m facing.

local ListID = TrelloAPI:GetListID("RandomList", BoardID)
local CardID = TrelloAPI:GetCardID("RandomCard", BoardID)  
local Players = game:GetService("Players")

	local Text = player.Name  .. ' Has Joined Akr Cafe!'
	TrelloAPI:PostComment(CardID, Text) 

	local Text = player.Name .. ' Has Left Akr Cafe!'
	TrelloAPI:PostComment(CardID, Text)  

For me if a player leaves it posts a comment but then the player joins [PlayerAdded] it doesn’t do anything. I’ve tried adding wait, waitforchilds, although those don’t seem to help. I’ve haven’t gotten any errors, prints as well on the PlayerAdded function which leaves me extremely baffled.


Have you tried adding a print before the TrelloAPI:PostComment() in PlayerAdded to check if the event is even being fired?

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Yep although it won’t post. I’ve added a wait and it prints after the wait but does not post the comment.

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Have you tried adding a really long wait before PostComment (something like wait(60))? If you’re using something else with Trello too (e.g. Adonis Admin) you might be hitting rate limits and not realising.


How can I get all the card names in a list?

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Sorry for the late response, I’ve tried adding a 6 minute wait and it works, thank you!


I have found this today and have a question:

I want to create a checklist on the card. I know that there is the function “AddCheckList()”, but I do not know how to use it because there are no arguments given.

May someone help me?

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local API = require(game.ServerScriptService:WaitForChild(“TrelloAPI”))
local BoardID = API:GetBoardID(“ßBOARD NAME”)
local ListID = API:GetListID(“LIST NAME”,BoardID)
local List = API:GetCardsInList(LIstID)

for _, Card in pairs(List) do


Hello, how do I create a trello card through roblox, as I would need to know how to make it so when you select a player on a GUI then press a certain button, it will add them to a certain list how can I go about this?

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you should’ve read the documentation, it’s here:

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Thanks! Btw, i am struggling with getting a random card name

What do you mean?
Do you mean to get a name of a card or create a new part with a random name?

I mean that I get all cards to a table and use math.random to get a random card name in roblox

Why does this only print “api”

local board = "Fortress"
local list = "Generals"

local api = require(game.ServerScriptService:WaitForChild("APIs").TrelloAPI)

local boardID = api:GetBoardID(board)
local listID = api:GetListID(list,boardID)

local newCard = api:AddCard("Test","Test123",listID)

Try to print out only the api (so print(api)). Maybe it is not loaded. In addition you may move the WaitForChild to the TrelloAPI so (game.ServerScriptService.APIs:WaitForChild(“TrelloAPI”))

Hello, I don’t know if anyone else is having this issue, however, I can’t access the module due to ‘Error 1020’, is there any way to view the document?

Getting a cloudflare error here. :frowning_face:

Is there any way to count the number of cards in a list?

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Pretty sure this is broken. Doesn’t work for me anymore.

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yes if it works you can do:

local cards = TrelloAPI:GetCardsInList(list_here)

for number,v in ipairs(cards) do

Hello Guys, My message is not to compete or to say that what we have done is better, I just want everyone to have the ability to use trello in theirs game easily, this Api goes back so many years, and it doesn’t work very well anymore.

A few months ago we made a new API with A Lot of new functions:

If you have any questions / suggestions you can ask them directly in my post!