Roblox to Trello Guide



Isn’t it possible to delete cards in-game?


There is nothing in the api that allows it, so doesn’t look like it’s possible, which is a bummer really


It is possible, but at the time this was created, there was no api for the delete request. I am currently unaware of whether the module will be updated to include all the other trello api requests, but if you wish to experiment and play around, you could perhaps learn a thing or two :slight_smile:


How would I make a database a built scripted one that I. Found but can’t figure out


Would it be possible to get the comments from a Trello card?

EDIT: I manged to figure out how to get the comments from trello cards.


I’ve talked to nstrike over the last few months. He’s currently too busy to push updates.
In fact, he was working on a newer version, with literally everything the REST API has to offer, but the project was been halted ever since, and it’s been a few months.

I created an API with some advice from nstrike159. It has less features, but it uses the PUT and DELETE requests. In this one, it is possible to delete cards, lists, and boards.

I am currently working on labels, the API works on object oriented programming. Manipulating Trello objects is similar to manipulating any other instance in ROBLOX.
I tried using metamethods to make it exactly the same, but due to a Lua 5.1 limitation, it is impossible to yield across the metamethod boundary, which forced me to use methods/functions instead.


Is it just for me? I’m having problem, after I get the key and I need to authorize it. I go to some link where I replace API-KEY with my key, and when I paste the url. It doesn’t work. App not found. Is the only text on screen. Thanks for help!