ROBLOX tram system

I made a prototype of a tram/train system, it is in its very premature stage and in future I plan to make it controllable and add sounds and texture to the design.

Thanks to Deadwoodx for the tutorial on how to make the actual technical side of things, with credits to CGTRADE for the model

So tell me what you think of it and things I could improve! It is one of my first rail vehicles and I am personally proud of the technical side of things with the design being the next big part.

See a video of the tram below…
robloxapp-20220420-1915515.wmv (2.8 MB)

That looks quite good!

Does it work underground?(Metro system for example)

I would say so, you would mostly just need to make sure to position the actual vehicle and tracks correctly

Hmmm, yeah. What are you planning with this? Or is this a exercise?

I was planning to make a public transport game once I make it controllable.

By the way, will this model be private or become public?

It will remain private for now but you can find all the components I used from-