Roblox white screen bug

Hi, I have been having this bug ever since Roblox has pushed the new Byron updates, and has rendered playing Roblox impossible on my PC for the past 3 weeks.

(Apologies in advance for posting here, I do not have access to the bug reports category.)

I’m not really sure how to provide information on how to reproduce the bug as it only happens on my computer, I’ve tried on other PCs and it’s worked fine. Currently the only way I can play Roblox is through an Azure cloud VM.

The bug that happens is on the Roblox desktop player, whenever I open a game, the screen is completely white except for the mouse, I can hear game audio, click invisible buttons, and interact with a somewhat working game, except that there are no visuals at all, just all white and the mouse. I’ve linked a screenshot here:!AvFNhY9dpwLfhf8KcQ7MxbL0ZCjC1w?e=jSgaDq

My computer information is as follows:
MSI Laptop GF63 Thin 11SC
Intel(R) Core™ i5-11400H
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 with Max-Q Design
16.0 GB RAM
64-Bit Windows 11 Pro 22H2

All my graphics drivers are up to date, my computer is up to date, and all my windows apps are up to date. I don’t have any fps unlockers or things that could be considered by Byfron ‘cheats’ installed on my computer. It is also worth noting that this problem persisted after a fresh install from a Windows 11 Pro 22H2 Installation USB, without any software installed to the device and Roblox being the first thing that was installed.

There is no crash as it seems that Roblox is working fine, so I’m not sure how to provide logs on the subject. If anyone knows how to get the client to push verbose logs to the log file, please let me know how so I can try that.

The one time I was able to get Roblox to work is when I found a video that had me install a userscript via TamperMonkey that basically set all the channels on the Roblox website (Roblox.ProtocolHandlerClientInterface.playerChannel, Roblox.ProtocolHandlerClientInterface,channel, Roblox.ProtocolHandlerClientInterface.studioChannel) to a blank string. Roblox then opened and updated itself, and Roblox worked. This lasted about 2 days until Roblox updated again, rendering the player useless. I have since tried updating the script to set the strings to “LIVE”, but Roblox gave me error “272” when trying to join, which I believe relates to an exploit used in the game, which leads me to believe this is caused by Byfron.

I have also tried using the windows app, which worked at one point although extremely laggy. I’m not sure on what day but at some point the windows app will now open itself, then either 1 of 2 things could happen: 1 - The app crashes after “Checking for updates…”, or 2 - The app crahes about 10-30 seconds after the login page, regardless of whether I made it past the login page or not. I have tried resetting the app, reinstalling it, all to no avail. I’m not sure how to check logs for the app so if someone would point me in the right direction for that, I will be glad to help.

All in all, this is very frustrating and its now costing me money to play Roblox on a cloud VM, I would appreciate if this would get resolved as fast as possible. Please let me know what to try or do, I am open to any comments or criticism. Thanks in advance!


I have some additional information regarding the bug, I happen to have a PC in the home with the exact same graphics card, same OS, everything updated, and for some reason Roblox on my account runs without the issue, the best thing I can think of now is that some sort of false hardware ban got rolled out to my PC along with the updates.


Try opening roblox, then opening your task manager and show us your Roblox inside your Task Manager.

I have the same issue and since three weeks too. I don’t think there is really a solution as of now, we just need to wait for Roblox to fix it, meanwhile you can also file a bug report

Have you tried this solution? It worked for me although it still crashed or closed itself when I joined two or three games but then it worked again

Finally found a fix, thank god!
This guy definitely earned a sub: NEW! Roblox white screen fix (May 2023) Works 100% - YouTube


Glad you found a solution. All I got from Roblox support after a conversation lasting for 2 weeks is this:

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