Roblox world Limit

What is the hardcap limit for how many universes you can create?

I’m gonna be honest here, idk if there is any limit. The only real limit their is, is how much games you can make public at once. However, if you’re talking about the roblox in-game engine, the limit before you’re character and parts start to break is around,100000,0) on roblox scale.

Edit: Idk if it is supposed to be in game-design support, it is such a simple question.

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I’m not sure if this is the answer you want but here’s another thread that may answer your question:

As far as I’m aware, there’s no limit

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If anybody is being discouraged by this knowing they cant make space games this isn’t true. I was able to do this by using a LoD system where the player didn’t actually move rather everything around it moved. Then eventually they would get deleted. I also used bill board GUIs for rendering the big stuff (planets)

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Yeah. Techinally there is no such thing as “unlimited space”. Try out some games on roblox that are designed to show you the rendering the workspace has when it’s legit 100,000,000 studs away from 0,0,0. I underestimated the about, and when i said.

(I still stand by the fact that this is true. It really depends on the client though. Roblox crashes at a really, really high if your client is bad.)

Also, I’m not discouraging that you are able to do that. You are by all means capable of doing that. However, on a workspace scale, there is no such thing as “unlimited space”, just how you can’t define “infinity”

I actually used pure functions in my LoD to create pretty much infinite space. I think you are talking about rendering distance.

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