ROBLOXCRITICAL Wrongful Circular require errors?


17:59:32.080 - Circular requires: “Players.Weeve.PlayerScripts.LocalUnitService” requires a file which directly or indirectly requires “Players.Weeve.PlayerScripts.LocalUnitService”.

The problem is, this script’s require tree looks like this:


Which, contains no circular requires?


This is breaking my game, could you add the roblox critical tag

Found the NSA spy

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Actually not sure how to do that

Just started happening to me, but only in studio > play solo for some reason.
Are you guys getting this online or just in studio?


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Online too…

I’ve made a repo

The problem is if you require a module that has yields in it before it finishes being required by something else


a and c are required within coroutines

a requires b
c requires b

b has multiple wait()s in it

c will error

Incorrect circular require.rbxmx (1.9 KB)


Looking into this. Should be fixed shortly.


Oh, and Control is getting an update soon :wink: Less than a day away from some much needed FoW updates (Spectators and dead players can now see what everyone else is doing) and a week or less away from custom servers (Still need a lobby, so that will be held up until that’s done)

Excellent, I look forward to it.

Also, the issue should be resolved now.


It’s so nice having time to work on Control again <3