Roblox/Discord Automation Bot

I need help with scripting a roblox/discord automation bot.

I’m looking for a discord bot that can add XP to users, and it has its own database.

For example, if a user with permissions decides to give someone a X amount of XP, that user that got the X amount of XP will be available to see his amount of XP.
I’ve seen many people that create a new roblox user called “…Automation” and it’s merged with the discord server.
(Need this for the promotion system)
Every help is appreciated.

Hey there, The way this would be done is an DB (Database) and an External Server, (and an roblox account)

Quite simple steps,

Make the DB,
Add points to the DB via the usersID (since usernames can be changed and you dont want to lose data)
If Points = x then rank them depending on how you coded it.
Then send a message back saying “You have been promoted”

(its more steps than that but thats the basic overview)

If you want I can code you one for a fee. Discord is : BillyH#8170

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Most people who do this use a bot called Clan Labs owned by TechSpectrum bots like this are not scripted in LUA they are scripted in java C++ or C#.

Clan Labs is coded in JS. not C++ / C# or Java

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Please search first or attempt to do this for yourself first. The Scripting Support category is not a do-my-research nor a make-my-asset category. You’ll need to put in some effort in from your end, such as understanding first how to construct up a bot user for a Discord application. We have a tutorial for that hanging around here on the DevForum and there are definitely some on the web.

Alright, thanks for the help, I sent you a friend request.

Im saying in general that they are scripted in many different languages.