Roblox's TOS on Bathing Suits

I plan on adding bathing suits and swimming trunks as cosmetics for my game. Is that against TOS? Its just going to be swimming trunks, and bikinis. Im too lazy to read it, so is it?

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I’m not exactly sure, but provided it’s not too suggestive I think its ok. I’ve seen it in many other games too. I’d still recommend looking at the TOS though.

Just read the Terms of Service anyways, you could always use the find function universally on a browser. I was completely certain that none of the aforementioned cosmectics pose a violation to the ToS, except if it was suggestively designed.

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This topic has been discussed before and the consensus is that the guidelines regarding clothing are blurry and open to interpretation.

My advice would be: perhaps you can get away with it today, but Roblox moderation is absolutely erratic and unpredictable, so can you feel confident that you’ll get away with it tomorrow? I wouldn’t feel comfortable saying so.


To add up to this, please read rule 19 to reinforce contents that might have falsely flagged by the auto-moderation in contents, which then later allow manual moderation to handle the issue.