RoIntellisense — Power at your fingertips (OLD TOPIC)

Sorry for not responding for 4 days :sweat_smile:

It’s a plugin dock widget gui?

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I’ve (finally) changed the ScriptEditorService API usage to use the new RegisterAutocompleteCallback, which makes it easier to operate and use!

I apologize for any inconvenience caused by the update. Please report any bugs you may find to me.

Ooooh! This looks pretty neat. Would you recommend using this in a full-on game/scripting environment, though? I wouldn’t want my scripts to get corrupted or anything.

This plugin is pretty safe to use anywhere- I’ve used it extensively on my game without any problems.


This improves workflow so much, amazing job with this plugin!

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  • Fixed autocomplete duplication bug
  • Added (more details i suppose) into autocomplete logs in debug mode

  • Commands are now unavailable when commented nor is a string
    (can’t really show a demo right now)

just an update on what im going to do

  • Rework the plugin’s source code (current commands will still be saved)
  • Keep the way it is

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It might take some time to rework the plugin’s code but it’ll help with the plugin organization!

after that, i’ll add a new feature! :>

I am struggling to use this plugin. I create a template, set it up, but it wont autocomplete the template. What am I doing wrong?

return {
	identifier = 'test';
	priority = 1;

	label = 'test';
	kind = Enum.CompletionItemKind.Snippet;
	documentation = {
		value = 'this is a test';												
	codeSample = [[print('this is a test')]];

it works fine for me, maybe you forgot to submit it?


  • Added Functions widget that allows you to see the purpose of different functions
  • Imported to github

i had to restart the version to keep track of it

I am currently working on some bug fixes and considering the addition of a new feature that would allow users to display graphs, specifically noise functions. I am unsure if this feature should be added to RoIntellisense or if it would be better suited as a standalone tool. Any thoughts or suggestions on this matter are welcome.

  • Add it to RoIntellisense
  • Make a separate plugin

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I would vote to add it but make it a toggle setting so people who dont need it don’t have it.

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I’ve been working on the commands editor and i thought i’d share my progress so far.

Do you think i should apply this change? (it will have a more user-friendly editor as you can edit the command via the autocomplete preview)

It is important for me to be transparent about my thoughts and feelings, so I feel it necessary to reiterate that my focus has shifted towards game development. While I appreciate all of the support and interest that has been shown towards the plugin, I believe it would be in the best interest of all parties involved if I were to step back and allow others to modify and enhance the code in ways that align with their interests and goals.

As such, I want to make it clear that you are free to copy and modify the source code of the plugin as you see fit. I am grateful for the opportunity to have worked on this project, and I hope that it has provided some value to those who have used it. Thank you for your support and understanding during this transitional period. :wave: