Role Play Team (280-350k/1000-1200 USD) [Minion Simulator/Bakon]

I am also interested please dm via @MrFieldThrow or discord MrFieldThrow #1313.

Hello I am interested about the UI design, please dm me via discord spxqd#5736

I am interested!
I added you PalmCrafter#8841!

Added some payment information.

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Hello, I’m interested in filling the builder role.

Hi! I have strong experience in importing UI and designing UI. Here’s my portfolio:

Here’s a recent review left by one of the programmers I’m working with:

I have some projects I’m working on with unreleased and MORE RECENT UI that I’m available to show you guys (just to show I can import and design). I’ve sent you a friend request. My Discord is V.#8916

This is a large amount of robux, do you have any proof of your funds?

Also, the builder seems to recive no pay, why is that?

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I’m interested as a builder but,
apparently the builder seems to receive no pay, why?
Contact me, Haz_2016#9889
I can also work as a Translator.

Greetings, i see there’s a bonus for a Scripter on knowing other languages, i am not a scripter but i could work as a translator for you, i am a native spanish speaker, if you are interested contact me, here’s my discord tag Thesoul1234#0677

Hello, i’m alexyroyal30 from discord i’m interested for the builder place.

I am interested in the scripter role, contact me at Barty 2016#1019

We both respectively own these games.

And we’re still elaborating on a valid payment for builders.

I’ve added my discord so I could be added

I’ve put my discord so I could be added.

I have sent a friend request
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I think you have the wrong discord name

People have added me so don’t think so

Interested, I sent a request on discord.

Builder position has been taken.

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I am interested please DM me @Clxzed#8551.