Romod: Moderation made easy

Introducing Romod, moderation made easy.

I have developed a moderation system called Romod for game makers to use. It is a simple system, and the gui is very straight forward. As for now, the UI is a subject to improve on. I have been prioritizing to get the system done, not the UI.



Warning screen:

Current features:
Permanent banning
Temporary banning
Preview moderation messages button
Ability to check player’s moderation status

Upcoming features:

The system does have cross server moderation. Kicking and Warning people is only for people in your server.

If you want, you can edit the scripts to your liking, but I wouldn’t recommend it. The scripts in their current state are pretty messy, there are no comments. I will add comments in later versions. The remote events also have complicated names, and will be remade soon.

You can also preview the reason to see if it’s censored.
It is also possible to check the moderation status of players.

I will update you guys on this page if there are any updates.

New update! Check solution!


Get the model here: Romod - Roblox.
Insert the model and it will setup for you and auto update so you don’t need to re-insert the model to update it.

In the Romod folder, you can find the settings. Add / remove admins there.

Now you can start using the system.

The system has multiple security measures in place and should be secure.

Feel free to give me feedback about the system!.


I will check this system out, Thank you but maybe you should make a staff/shift log for discord so you when you do moderation on someone it also goes into a log with a format.

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I would say make the warning ui more compact.

Discord webhooks are not for logging stuff


It could be used for logging stuff.

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I will consider adding that. Thank you for the suggestion.

@gerghhhttg2 @NinjaFurfante07 I have updated a bug in the system, if you have the model open in your game, reload it.

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Your welcome, I would be more than happy to use this.

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What about a replay system that can be viewed and stored in a DataStore of some sort?
I genuinely dont have the experience to add this in myself.
(This would work by a user sending a report and when the player is reported, their last couple of minutes could be stored in screenshots or something like that)
You would also need a replay system that would spectate the player somehow.

I am not sure if roblox can take screenshots automatically, and store them, but I can store chat logs. Correct me if i’m wrong.

Mabye they would be sent via discord bot for review. Im not completely sure.

The problem is that roblox can’t take pictures as far as i know

Something like this would maybe work, you could modify it to show chat bubbles using :Chat() VPF Replay Module - Resources / Community Resources - DevForum | Roblox

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Someone has sent webhook messages through the system. I forgot to remove it, and you could just have told me that, but instead you sent messages saying that webhooks are not used for logging. Please stop.

I like the system, but I think a muting system should be added, for those who are good in-game, but trash talk or something.


Not allowed sadly. No idea why.

Discord is not for logging stuff, it is against discord’s tos


Did you install an anti-exploit to this cuz im having issues. Respond Asap

I do have an anti exploit, if you’re getting banned for exploiting, check if you have added yourself as a moderator in the RankModule. Does this fix the problem? @gerghhhttg2

That would be good for toxic people. We all know how annoying they are.


Let me check, Also how do you toggle the panel?