Romod: Moderation made easy

Your welcome, I would be more than happy to use this.

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What about a replay system that can be viewed and stored in a DataStore of some sort?
I genuinely dont have the experience to add this in myself.
(This would work by a user sending a report and when the player is reported, their last couple of minutes could be stored in screenshots or something like that)
You would also need a replay system that would spectate the player somehow.

I am not sure if roblox can take screenshots automatically, and store them, but I can store chat logs. Correct me if i’m wrong.

Mabye they would be sent via discord bot for review. Im not completely sure.

The problem is that roblox can’t take pictures as far as i know

Something like this would maybe work, you could modify it to show chat bubbles using :Chat() VPF Replay Module - Resources / Community Resources - DevForum | Roblox

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Someone has sent webhook messages through the system. I forgot to remove it, and you could just have told me that, but instead you sent messages saying that webhooks are not used for logging. Please stop.

I like the system, but I think a muting system should be added, for those who are good in-game, but trash talk or something.


Not allowed sadly. No idea why.

Discord is not for logging stuff, it is against discord’s tos


Did you install an anti-exploit to this cuz im having issues. Respond Asap

I do have an anti exploit, if you’re getting banned for exploiting, check if you have added yourself as a moderator in the RankModule. Does this fix the problem? @gerghhhttg2

That would be good for toxic people. We all know how annoying they are.


Let me check, Also how do you toggle the panel?

Add yourself as an admin to toggle it.

Can you add 2 people because mine is having issues.

You can add 2 people to it. You do it like this:

{"Player1", "Player2"}

Then you can add to that.

Can you give me a screenshot of the issue if it persists?


There is a new update everyone!


  • Added the ability to check the moderation status of players
  • Made the warning gui more compact
  • Removed RomodHTTP

In the check player system, if a player is banned for let’s say, a day, the system will show that. But when the player is unbanned after that time, the system won’t show that until the player enters the game as the moderation status of that player updates after the player joins a server in the game, not exactly the time that the ban is finished. This will be updated later.

Update your models to see these changes.

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Hello! I was wondering if I could modify this model to use messaging service because the game I would like to use this in consists of single player servers. I will still give you credit for the model though.

Thank you.

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You can modify it, but the code isn’t commented yet. I was prioritizing finishing the system, not making it editable. If you can stand working with the code, it is of course possible.

I am planning to add messaging service later, but you can modify it if you need messaging service right now.

The remote event’s names are, well, questionable. Dm me if you want to know anything about the system, script-wise.

When you are finished with the game, can you send me a game link to it? If it’s ok, I want to test your version.

Good luck!

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