Rope Constraint looks weird on other clients


We are building a fishing rod. The rod has a fishing constraint. It looks as expected for my player but the other player’s rod looks weird as if it is lagging. You can see how it looks in the following videos. My player is the one wearing the grey clothing. As you can see the other player’s hook (red ball on the rod) is snapping all over the place. The same thing happens on the other player’s end, they can see my hook snapping all over the place.

Things that we tried:

  1. Setting network ownership of the hook (red ball) to the server.

What do you think might be causing this?

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This seems like it could be one of a few possibilities. I would suggest creating the hook and rope constraint on the client side to maybe cut down on some replication delay. I’m guessing that’s what’s happening here.

I’m not sure but I feel like network ownership may be part of the issue as well as ping. I’m not too sure how to fix though I hope this helps in some form though.

This is definitely a replication issue, unfortunately setting the balls networkownership to the server will not solve this problem. The default behavior of network ownership is that any parts that are not currently anchored are considered to be “owned” by any player within their radius. Parts can only ever have one network owner, so you have two options here, to my knowledge anyway.

-Set the ball’s networkownership to whoever owns the rod. (This will still provide the wacky behavior you see in the video if the rod isn’t yours)

-Create everyone’s ball and rope constraint on each players client so that they would be considered local, the client to my knowledge should have networkownership over every local part.

See this thread: Are local parts guaranteed to have network "ownership" set to the client that created them?

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