Rotate parent ui without rotating child ui

I want to make a frame rotated but keep the children ui unaffected by the rotation. I could do this by setting the rotation of the child ui to the inverse of the parent ui, but I am trying to keep the child ui rotation at 0 because I want to clip it. However, there is a bug which causes frames that are rotated to not be clip even when the parent frame’s clipdescendants property is set to true. I don’t want to rotate the child ui, I only want to rotate the parent ui without rotating the child ui. How can I achieve this? Thanks!

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It’s not possible. A work around is to put the child as a canvas group, clipping will work regardless of rotation. Note: consider performance.

How does canvas group work exactly?

It compiles your ui made from several elements into one element, this way properties such as transparency, color, etc, can be applied evenly to each element. It also allows for things like scrollbars to work when rotated, and clipping rotated elements and uiCorners.

You can see a demonstration here:

How will it affect performance?