Rotate player in a seat

I want to make a leaning system so that as a passenger you can lean out and shoot. I made the part which detects whether a gun is equipped while seating in a seat and also made the gun. But I am stuck on the rotation part, the player has to rotate to lean our of the window but when I rotate humanoid root part it rotates the seat and the car along with it, how would I fix it?

code snippet:

	if seat.Occupant then
		proximityPrompt.Enabled = false

		local seater = game.Players:FindFirstChild(seat.Occupant.Parent.Name)
		local holdingGun = seater:FindFirstChild("holdingGun")
			if holdingGun.Value == true then
				-- holding gun
				-- not holding gun
		proximityPrompt.Enabled = true
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rotate the seat?
where do you want it to happen?

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Please don’t post the same question in different posts.

Lean out of vehicle on weapon equipped

Since the Player is Welded to the Seat it will affect the entire vehicle.
You may want to change the values of the Weld itself to tilt the player.

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I want to make the player lean out of the vehicle so basically rotate the player like 45 degrees so that his arms stick our of the side of a vehicle.