Rotated Region 3 Module

How do i will remove region? pls tell

One way is to create your own :Destroy() Function for the custom object like in the wiki:

However, since I believe the rotated region3 object has no events that you can just set the table to nil like so and wait for garbage collection:

local testRegion = RotatedRegion3.FromPart(sphere)
testRegion = nil

Please correct me if I’m wrong.


Hi, I was attempting to use your module for one of my moves, but I was struggling to get it to work properly. Here is the code

local RoadRollerHitbox = REGION3_HITBOX.Block(roadrollermod:GetModelCFrame() ,roadrollermod:GetModelSize())

local partsInRegion = workspace:FindPartsInRegion3(RoadRollerHitbox,50)
		for i , v in pairs(partsInRegion) do
			if v.Parent  and v.Parent:FindFirstChildOfClass("Humanoid") and v.Parent:FindFirstChildOfClass("Humanoid").Health > 0 and (v.Parent:FindFirstChild("Torso")) then
				if #AlreadyDamaged > 0 and table.find(AlreadyDamaged, v.Parent) then print("Prevents it from damaging twice")
				   local hum = v.Parent:FindFirstChildOfClass("Humanoid")
					table.insert(AlreadyDamaged, hum.Parent)
					damageevent:FireServer(hum, chr["Right Arm"].CFrame, 3, 0.4, rot.CFrame.lookVector * 0, "rbxassetid://241837157", 0.5, Color3.fromRGB(255, 0, 0), "rbxassetid://542443306", math.random(9, 11) / 10, math.random(9, 11) / 35, game.Players.LocalPlayer.PlayerGui.Blood.BloodVal.Value) --Handles damage.
					knockevent:FireServer(hum) --Stuns player.

I don’t work with Region 3 often so I believe I messed something up :sweat_smile:.
This error comes up when I try to use the code above: “Unable to cast Dictionary to Region3”. All help is appreciated! :smile:

Hmm, you are are creating the region 3 object as:

local RoadRollerHitbox = REGION3_HITBOX.Block(--stuff)

And I believe you need to use RotatedRegion3 Object methods to find the parts within the region instead of mixing it up with the Roblox’s workspace object methods workspace:FindPartsInRegion3 methods so you should do this:

local partsInRegion  = RoadRollerHitbox:FindPartsInRegion3(Instance ignore, Integer maxParts)

Substitute the ignore and max parts according to the documentation and see if it works.

returns array of parts in the RotatedRegion3 object
will return a maximum number of parts in array [maxParts] the default is 20
parts that either are descendants of or actually are the [ignore] instance will be ignored

Will this work, or am I still doing it wrong?

local partsInRegion = RoadRollerHitbox:FindPartsInRegion3(chr:GetChildren(), math.huge)

Bruh this is so good and even easier to use than normal Region3

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I think it was useful for its time, but it seems soon enough we’ll have something built in-engine to replace this! :partying_face:


I don’t know what I did wrong here, but this (server) script gets me a Argument 1 missing or nil on line 210 on the RR3 API module, I’m not sure if I did something wrong or if it’s a bug.
Here’s the code:

local rotatedRegion = require(game:GetService("ServerStorage").Modules.RotatedRegion3)

local config = script.Parent.Configuration

local objectHealth = config.ObjectHealth
local objectMaxHealth = config.ObjectMaxHealth
local flammable = config.Flammable
local onFire = config.OnFire
local ignoreBullets = config.IgnoreBullets

local part = script.Parent

--local a =, part.Position.Y-part.Size.Y-0.1, part.Position.Z-part.Size.Z-0.1)
--local b =, part.Position.Y+part.Size.Y+0.1, part.Position.Z+part.Size.Z+0.1)
local region = rotatedRegion.Block(part.CFrame, part.Size)

local shards = math.floor(part.Size.X * part.Size.Y * part.Size.Z + 0.5)*8

local function updateRegion()
	--a =, part.Position.Y-part.Size.Y, part.Position.Z-part.Size.Z)
	--b =, part.Position.Y+part.Size.Y, part.Position.Z+part.Size.Z)
	region = rotatedRegion.Block(part.CFrame, part.Size)


while objectHealth.Value > 0 do
	local touchingParts = rotatedRegion:FindPartsInRegion3(part, 100)
	for i, _part in pairs(touchingParts) do
		local child = touchingParts[i]
		if child:FindFirstChild("Configuration") then
			if child:FindFirstChild("Configuration"):FindFirstChild("ObjectDamageValue") then
				objectHealth.Value -= child:FindFirstChild("Configuration"):FindFirstChild("ObjectDamageValue").Value
				if objectHealth.Value <= 0 then
					part.CanCollide = false
					part.Transparency = 1

Never used this module but I think the issue is that you are trying to call :FindPartsInRegion3 on the module itself instead of the Region.

local touchingParts = rotatedRegion:FindPartsInRegion3(part, 100)


local touchingParts = region:FindPartsInRegion3(part, 100)
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Very very Clean! i love this module, thank you!

Is there a way to find the position the region3 intersected at?

Omg this is so easy to use, tysm.