Rthro doesn't respect R15 avatar scales in Game Settings

Rthro doesn’t respect R15 avatar scaling in games settings, resulting in the player being taller than an avatar without Rthro parts.

The issue is consistent. Wear any Rthro part in a game where R15 avatar scale settings are set to the Classic Scale preset.

This issue is present in any game designed to keep avatars at a consistently designed scale and is present on the main roblox site.


I wasn’t testing during the release of Rthro, but I presume the issue has been present since release.

If it were my job to resolve this I would either in the game settings,
Make Rthro an option you can disable and replace with standard body parts
Separate R15 from Rthro
Make Rthro respect avatar scaling and have the same scaling behaviour and base 100% size as R15.


Brought this up a while back, but didn’t get a reply. Would be nice if you could somehow force Rthro package scaling to be consistent.


Discovered something similar. Essentially breaks games.

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