SaintNicholas_Kun's Portfolio [Builder]

About Me

Hello there, I’m Nick. I’ve been building in Roblox Studio for almost three years now, and I’d say I have a pretty good grasp of most functions within the platform. While I haven’t exactly worked on any… notable titles, the path of experience has led me here.


You can view the hallway here:

And the Colosseum here:

Here are some screenshots of my work

A gothic style hallway

A rough recreation of the Colosseum, Rome in its glory days


I have a lot of free time, unless otherwise specified I should be available for most, if not all of the day from ~10am to ~10pm EST. Keep in mind that I still have to help around the house and occasionally work on schoolwork, my schedule is still really laid back.


Prices are of course, negotiable, and I can either take payment per asset or a percentage (MOST OFTEN with upfront payment). My preferred method is robux via group funds, as I have no paypal set up as of yet.


You can contact me mainly on Discord at Nick™#6088, here on the Developer Forums, or via Twitter at:

Thank you for taking the time to read through my portfolio! More diverse works will be added soon, I.E. low poly, blender models…


These buildings look very realistic. I think they’re captivating that way. Keep up the work :smiley:

Lovely worker and is a very kind developer. Would recommend him for you building needs.

Very lovely person with a very incredible talent, he is very dedicated and works very fast! Would totally recommend him!