Same DataStore on different places

i have been searching for a script that make this:

i have been thinking about creating a datastore that loads between Place1 Place2 in same game


It’s really difficult to understand you, consider re-reading your topic and make it more understandable

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i updated the post and its read-able

If you’re talking about multiple places under one universe (which is what i assume you mean) then this is quite obvious, they will both use the same datastores.
This was already asked here.

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If I understood you right, I’ll provide some information that should help you

This topic is probably what you’re searching for. Datastores are universal and will carry over from every place in your game.

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yes, i need to use the same table on them?

local datastore = game:GetService(“DataStoreService”):GetDataStore(“GameStore”) the same name on them?

Yea, datastores are on all places in the game.

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