Same graphics for mobile as for PC

Hello i’m trying to improve the experience for mobile players. Yes, my games are not supposed to look like shiny and rainbow… I’m trying to achieve something like shadows and realistic colors. In mobile graphics disable every single shadow. If you have any idea how to code that, then please provide the code. It will help me a lot, thank you…


Turn off GlobalShadows in Lighting, I’m sure you could’ve searched this up easily though, that’s probably what you should do before posting:

local Lighting = game:GetService("Lighting")
Lighting.GlobalShadows = false
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No I need shadows to be there on mobile

You can detect when players are on mobile and apply the above property change:

I want mobile to have the same good graphics as computer

I thought you wanted to disable shadows on mobile, am I not understanding correctly?

I do not want to disable shadows

Graphics on mobile are tethered since most mobile devices don’t have the same hardware performance as PC.