Save your player data with ProfileService! (DataStore Module)

How do you remove a bit of the table of the saved data? I was testing stuff by adding different save things and now I would like to delete them.

Yo i don’t know if ProfileService is efficient on clan/faction system,i would use MemoryStoreService instead but imagine you want to use ProfileService.
So for adding,remove people from the faction I would get the clan profile or send a global update . And to handle Update I will make a loop for every player to get the profile and then release it instant or something like that

using mock profiles are good u just need to do

profile.Data.TestKey = nil


Successfully loaded sponsorship data, but failed to load time data. Any solution?

Memory stores are not the right thing to use for this type of case.

Thanks so much! Works :smiley:

Sorry to bother but I have this plugin to edit datastores but I’m not sure what to put here, what would the actual DataStore name be? Cheers. [Plugin] [Devforum Post]


I’m posting here instead of the plugin’s devforum post since if I was using a simple datastore it would be easy to use but idk the name of it for this

Correct me if I am wrong but I didn’t even use ReplicaService to replicate the data but it still works?


function module:UpdateCash(player, amount)
	local profile = self:GetProfile(player)
	if profile then
		profile.Data.Cash += amount
		player.leaderstats:WaitForChild("Cash").Value = profile.Data.Cash
		ReplicatedStorage.SendCashData:FireClient(player, profile.Data) -- sending data here through remote event


local ReplicatedStorage = game:GetService("ReplicatedStorage")


That’s literally called replication, you don’t need his module for it.

I was curious why did he still add that in his topic when you don’t even need the service to do so. Thanks.

You don’t need ReplicaService to use ProfileService.
You can replicate your data however you like from the server. ReplicaService however was made to simplify and optimize this process so you don’t have to write your own complex replication system. But many games don’t have that many or complex values and tables they need custom replication for so a system like this might be overkill.

Hey, what’s the occasion with creating multiple profiles? Is that recommended practice for profiles that could take up the 4MB limit per profile at an eventual date?

Hey how do I remove users data from game with ProfileService

local ProfileTemplate = {
    Cash = 0,
    Items = {},
    LogInTimes = 0,

----- Loaded Modules -----

local ProfileService = require(game.ServerScriptService.ProfileService)

----- Private Variables -----

local ProfileStore = ProfileService.GetProfileStore(

ProfileStore:WipeProfileAsync(Your Profile Key Here)
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Just wanted to let everyone know that if they are having trouble using the module by itself, you should try out the profile manager I made. It comes with a few extra features, and is similar to the datastore API.

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Hey, thanks for this beatifull module… but how can I pass data between places?
For some reason it’s not working correctly when I do it. It is making an entire new profile.

My apologies for the rather goofy inquiry, but is there a way I could use ListKeysAsync with this?

Alr so for everyone that CANT send data between places this is not a module problem
So check your script. In my case the problem was the Slot data not being used correctly(Im adding a slot data that is used in the key for the actual char data and the thing was that the table was printing nil for some shitty roblox reason(i forgot the exact reason lol)).

I am working on a cross-server auction house system and I’m wondering if anyone can give me advice if this is the right approach.

Before anyone says it, I am not purely using MemoryStoreService due to all of the limitations. I am only using it to execute actions (Eg. I will have a queue of “buy item”, “list item” etc). When items are bought, I will send it via GlobalUpdates.

But anyway, my ProfileService questions:

I will assign a “host server” that listens to MemoryStore and does all the ProfileService commands.

  • Every X seconds this is executed to manage auctions:

  • First: if auctionsProfile and auctionsProfile.MetaData.ActiveSession[2] == thisSession then
    If the currently loaded profile exists and the JobId is equal to the current one, it’s the host server so auctions are managed here. The rest is in MemoryStoreService.

  • Second: Load the profile via ViewProfileAsync (auctionsProfile), and check if not profile.MetaData.ActiveSession then
    If the ActiveSession is nil, that means the host server is dead so we make this server the host one. We LoadProfileAsync in this server.

So I have three questions:

  1. Is this the right approach?
  2. Is there a better way to load up the profile/set a “host” server? If I am reading the docs right, LoadProfileAsync by itself can only be loaded in one server, right? So it shouldn’t clash? That being said, I do feel it’s a bit messy loading it this way. Is there a better way?
  3. Via the api: In rare cases, if the server crashes, the profile will stay locked until ForceLoaded by a new session.. How can I check for this? I was thinking MetaData.LastUpdate but what if there are no changes to the profile for a while; does this timestamp not change?

TIA to anyone able to give me feedback/insight on this system.

Is there ANY possible way to disable server locking? If so, that would be very good for the overall module. That can allow more global things like a leaderboard.

perhaps make this module compatible with the new roblox update thing that listens to gdpr requests?