Saving TerrainRegion for later use

There is :CopyRegion and it throws back TerrainRegion, and i was wondering if i can save this somewhere as a value of some sort to use later. Because it would be bad to make maps then copy and store then erase terrain on startup.

So yeah. Where can i store TerrainRegion type values?

I hope this will help you

Using this method or the TerrainRegion method will have a different impact ?

Sorry, late reply. But this might help, and i’ve seen how many people visited this topic. They might have helped themselves with this information.

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I know the solution was already marked but I’d just like to add that this plugin by sleitnick makes terrain loading easy.

It’s a plugin but there’s a button that allows you to download the scripts needed to perform the actions. It saves whatever terrain you have loaded, turns it into a TerrainRegion, and you can use a script to load it.

Read and WriteVoxels are awful to work with in my opinion and the wiki documentation on them isn’t super helpful.

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