Saving/Loading, I cant find much about it

I’m a game developer working on a project, but scripting isnt my big strength point. I’m trying to figure out how saving and loading a morph with a GUI would work, but tutorials arent really helping. If anyone on here has a tutorial which is somewhat similar or can explain it to me that would be really helpful!

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is the morph in the game and you want to save which one the player is using or are you trying to save character custimzation thing?

well kinda both, but mainly the customisation. eg: colours, accessories.

Use datastore service there are a lot of really useful tutorials out there for it but her’s the API Refrence and a community tutorial
search up datastore on youtube I recommend The Dev king’s tutorial cause that’s what really made me understan.

alrighty, thanks I’ll have a look

There are other safer better ways to make datastores like ProfileService and Datastore2, but they are a bit more complicated.