Scale and Offset help

Hey developers! I am very confused about scale and offset. If anyone could help explain to me what they are please do.


Scale either shrinks or grows Ui according to the devices screen size, while offset keeps the size of the Ui on all devices. For example, if you create a text button using offset, and you set the offset values to 200 and 50, then it will be 200 and 50 on all devices. However, if you use scale, and made the text buttons values 0.3,0.3 (you cannot use a number over 1, otherwise it would take up the whole screen. So use numbers like 0.1 or 0.3. 0.9 would take up most of the screen), then it will shrink on smaller devices, and grow on larger ones. If this doesn’t make sense, maybe this tutorial might help here. I recommended though you use scale, so that way your UI fits in all devices.

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Scale uses percentages of screen sizes while Offset uses pixels.

Since scale uses percentages of screen size, it can be much more useful to keep GUI sizes/positions consistent on devices with different resolutions (ex. desktop monitors vs. mobile phone screens). I try to avoid Offset most of the time because it can cause large GUIs to appear incorrectly on different devices.

There is multiple plugins on Roblox to help with this. The one I use is off sale. However, I recommend you to look at some of them.

The plugins will automatically scale the to all devices. At least the one I have does that.

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