Scaling animations

I put this in scripting support because I think this would have to be scripted. I want to make a basketball dribble animation, where the ball goes up and down. How do I scale this animation when the players are taller or shorter?

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Simply, I believe there isn’t an easy way to do it, or I haven’t found a way yet to do it (I had a similar problem).

You can read more information on a related post here:

Ahh ok, thank you! I wonder how other games do it, I doubt they make the same animation multiple times. Anyways, I’ll mark this as a solution because you answered my question.

Yeah. I suppose bigger games could employ a contractor to do some of the harder work, rather than the main game’s developer. Otherwise, I suppose it’s a case of copying and pasting what you can do, or scaling so all avatars would be the same size (Arsenal for example - I believe that’s how it’s done).

Yeah, I actually reached out to a developer that has made a game like mine, and he does not scale animations. It’s just so unnoticeable that he does not have too. Anyways, thank you so much for the help!